A Taste Inspired by the Heart

Maitrea restaurant is located in a magical alley of Týnská, right by the heart of Prague, the Old Town Square. Since the year 2009, our international team is dedicated to exploring tastes inspired by the heart. We believe that life is fueled by a passion for development and curiosity about its infinite possibilities. This philosophy for life is our signature, clear in the vegetarian cuisine and in symbiosis with the entire space. The interior is designed in the style of Feng Shui, either as a pleasant backdrop to your evening or as an experience of its own. 

Both floors of our restaurant are filled with magical nooks with two water fountains, a fireplace, live flowers, and a statue of Buddha. The interior is finished with massive oak wood, natural colors, marble in the fountains, and lamps from layered silk. Whichever spot you choose, either during a work lunch, romantic dinner, or family celebration, your visit to the Restaurant Maitrea will be inspired by the heart.

The experiences and feedback of our guests are extremely important and we communicate with you through a wide spectrum of channels, whether TripAdvisor, Zomato, Google, or Facebook and Instagram. We are consistently ranked amongst the Top 10 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Prague, received the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame award in the year 2018 for being reviewed in TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. In addition to this, we are in the Top 100 restaurants of all Czech Republic, according to the Mauer Selection, for the years 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Our Vision

The vision of our sister restaurant Clear Head with its lightness of health is connected to our house of personal development, where the topic is our hearts. “Maitrea” in translation stands for “loving kindness” and is one of the thousand names for Buddha. We believe that a clear head can be only had by someone who acts in love. Therefore, we wanted to explore tastes inspired by the heart, vegetarian cuisine, which is just as in the Clear Head a complex and joyous experience. Feng Shui, philosophy with which our interior is created, takes into consideration invisible forces that affect our lives. We focus on our food being prepared from the best ingredients, but also to be cooked with respect to the responsibility that our work entails. We believe that the energy of food is shaped by the attitude of people preparing it. 



Come explore tastes inspired by the heart.

Our team

Václav “Vasu” Stanislav

There used to be times when the only thing that interested me was astral travel. For this goal, I have traveled the whole world, which in retrospect seems like a strange journey. More and more in my life the question of purpose. Clear Head and Maitrea are definitely a part of my purpose in life and that is the way I approach these restaurants. My wish is that our guests enjoy. The food, the staff, themselves in their own lives. Together with my friend Martin Dobeš, who’s bio is somewhere around here, we have operated a business for 16 years without having an argument. Primarily because we have separated our segments, I take care of food, design, and running the restaurant. And my lifelong dream is to open a vegan dance club.


Gastronomy was not my lifelong goal when I was growing up. But as they say, the least expected way sometimes becomes the way of life for me to learn what I am supposed to learn in this school of life. I enjoy doing things properly, well, and for a greater good, and because I work in Maitrea because that is how we do things here. We cook from the best ingredients and behave responsibly and with respect to our environment and the ones who share it with us. We value and respect you, our guests, and each other.

Martin Dobeš